De-risk your startup, one experiment
at a time

A successful startup is nothing but a successful series of experiments.
Run your 1st experiment to start your tests toward success!
Test your risky startup ideas in 30 days (or less)
Or... We work FOR FREE!

Billion Dollar Experiments.
They faked it!
They made it!

These tech giants started out by running smart experiments.
Why can't you?

Manual file transfer

Faked a product with a video demo, powered by the brilliant technology called... humans!

Other people's shoes

Faked an online shoe store with pictures of shoes from physical shoe stores (not theirs!)

Service for extra cash

Faked a platform by renting out their empty living room, plus an airbed and breakfast (airbnb!)

[The Next Big Thing?]

So, how do you fake it to make it? What's the smallest thing you can build to test your ideas?

The Unfortunate Truth
. . .

People are bad
at predicting what they want, but...
People are good
at reacting to things that exists.

The Method to Our Madness

We let people do what they're good at: Reacting to things!

Step 1


We run Strategy Workshops
to sync with you
on the key goal of the experiment

Step 2


We design a realistic prototype
to run experiments
and test your startup's Riskiest Assumptions

Step 3


We recruit and demo the prototype
to real users to get real feedback
(not just blind guesses!)

The Best Experiments!

"What can a prototype do for me?", you ask.
"Great question!", we say. "Check these out."

Prove Your Concept Early

. Show your prototype to real users

. Get real feedback to refine concept

. Test if users buy what your sell

Pitch Investors Early

. Demo with interactive prototype

. Show how your products creates value

. Let investors see and touch your concept

Spot Problems Early

. Test product logic before you build

. Design UX/UI before writing any code

. Prioritize features based on value vs. effort

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We're a startup studio,
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Startup Experiments






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Our Manifesto

The WHY behind everything we do!


We're startup founders ourselves. We know too well the pains a founder deals with to build something new, solve tough problems, and challenge the status quo.


Startups are risky. That's exactly why we help founders run experiments to test risky assumptions, get real data, and de-risk their business model rapidly over time.


We live and breathe startup. We're a team of serial entrepreneurs who have built, run, and even failed at our own startups before. We know the (brutal) drills of the startup life!

Cut the BS!
That's our jam.
And our clients love it!

We tell it like it is. We'll challenge you, draw out your riskiest assumptions, and work with you to rigorously test them with
fast and furious experiments!


Founder & CEO, ChkM8

"There are people out there who just want to take your money. Thank goodness I found Lean Start Lab pretty much the first time. This has to work, because the stars line up for me on the path to my success, and one of the stars is Lean Start Lab."

Holly M.

Founder, ShopCircle

"You meet with other people and it feels very vague when things will happen and what you get as far as deliverables. I really liked you provide a structured 3-week timeline to get a prototype in hand. And so, we knew what we were paying for when we signed up with you."

Sunti W.

Founder & CEO, Asthma Insight

"It’s great to see something goes from sketches on the back of a napkin to something I can pull up on my phone when I talk. That’s a good feeling! Now, we actually have something tangible to demo!"

Douglas F

Founder and CEO, BNGO

"To get a prototype that looks just like an app requires a professional touch, like what Lean Start Lab has."

Andrew T.

Founder & CEO, Live-K

"We actually have something that makes people take us seriously as a company. Now I can pull my phone out and put it in front of them [investors], open it up and show them it exists. It brings more of a WOW factor!"

Leslie B.

Founder, MyNBLife

"I would certainly say the Lean Start Lab team works with me as co-founders. I truly feel as if all, all of y'all, take this as seriously as I do. I tried several people and wasted a lot of money, until I got to you. I could tell immediately that I was in the right place."

Reggie Gray

Founder and CEO, Mirro

"5 Stars & highly recommended! Beyond excited to be working with the creative team at Lean Start Lab. If you have a big project (or small) and need an experienced team to not only take ownership in your vision but execute within time constraints, this is the team for you."

We care,
Like we're your founding team!

Low-budget production. High-quality relationships!

The 5-Star Startup Team
You Deserve


You got questions?
We got answers!
Let's jam!

So, what do you do?


We help founders de-risk their startups with creative problem solving using low-cost, fast-paced, and hands-on experiments.

But, what do you do exactly?


We run startup experiments by doing market research, building quick-n-dirty prototypes, talking to users, recruiting customers, making small but launchable products, and improving user engagement post-launch.

What kinds of startups do you work with?


For now, mostly software startups building apps and platforms. That's what we know best and where we bring the most value. We won't be able to help much if you're a hardware, biotech, or a rocket startup.

Why should I work with you to run experiments for my startup?


Startups usually run experiments with us to:
- get no-BS, brutally honest user feedback
- gauge market interest before investing
- pick which features to build (and which not)
- optimize conversions of key user flows
- split-test rollout of new product features

What do I get after running an experiment with you?


You'll walk away with these cool take-aways:
- an interactive prototype (or two!)
- developer-ready design files
- video highlights of user tests
- customer validation report
- next-step recommendations

Why can't I just do these experiments myself?


You certainly can! And we know you can. Where we come in is to push experiments faster, leveraging our frameworks, networks, and previous work. Most startups have an insane need for speed.

How long is an experiment?


Typically 2 weeks, max 4 weeks.

How do I check out your work for other startups?


Reach out to us at and we'll send you detailed case studies.

How do you charge?


We charge per experiment (after all, we do have "Lab" in our name). We will tailor the experiment to where you are, what you need, and who you target. Chat with us to learn more.

Do you take equity as payment?


Yes, if you believe in us enough to offer and we believe in you enough to invest. Our sweat equity is our bet on both the horse (your startup) and the jockey (you).

Do you invest cash on top of sweat equity?


Yes, if we really really believe in you and your idea. This usually takes a few months of working together first for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you. It's a two-way relationship.

I still have unanswered questions. How do I get them answered?


Easy! Just shoot your questions our way at

How do I keep in touch with you even though I'm not ready?


We host a small community called Founders Jam for, well, founders to jam (on startup stuff). You can join our private Facebook group here. It's FREE!

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